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Some kind words from my valued current and previous individual, allied health, and corporate clients

Violetta Fedorova

Human Resources Coordinator,
InterContinental Sydney Double Bay

“I wanted to thank you for coming to see us here at InterContinental Sydney Double Bay the other week; we loved your nutrition workshop and I think it is a good start for a big changes. Seemed like colleagues really enjoyed the session and kept talking about it for days.


Again, thank you very much.”

Dr Dianne Volker

Dietitian APD and Nutrition Scientist, Sydney University

“Thank you for your exceptional presentation ‘An anti-inflammatory eating plan for people and the planet’. Your willingness to give of your time and energy impressed us greatly – thank you. The attendees were very happy with the appropriateness of your presentation and the flair and humour with which you presented your research”


“There were lots of complementary comments about your presentation and demonstration – just what we needed to wrap up the day. I was delighted with your presentation and the way in which you were able make dietetics fun – a different view of a dietitian totally!”

Melissa Tenho

Dietitian APD, Australia

“I found the workshop very insightful and tailored to our needs. Shivaun was very knowledgeable and able to provide us with many useful examples and case studies to learn from. The course style was very interactive and allowed for flexibility if we wanted to spend more time on a particular section. I would recommend the course and will be using Shivaun in the future.”

Rachel de Montemas

Dietitian APD, Australia

“The health coaching training delivered by Shivaun is something that any health professional would find useful. Using her experience as a Dietitian and Health Coach, Shivaun gave real-world examples and provided structures and processes that would help bring about positive lifestyle changes in any client. I highly recommend this training course and Shivaun as a facilitator.”

Sanchia Parker

Dietitian APD, Australia

“Shivaun delivered the Health Coaching Training Level 1 to our company over two days in June 2013. She is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter who is clearly passionate about her work. She listened to what we wanted to get from the sessions and created a personalised training program which covered specific techniques and examples that we were able to apply to our work situation. Shivaun delivered the sessions in a creative, interesting way, using different activities for us to learn and develop our skills.”

Anastasia Stathopoulos

Exercise Physiologist AEP,  Australia

“Thanks for the health coaching course you delivered in June. I found it very useful and constantly finding myself using the information when consulting with my clients. By far the most valuable tool was understanding the concepts of health coaching and applying this to the many areas of health and wellbeing. This knowledge has a vast application in a professional setting however is not limited to this and found many other applications for the skills I have developed in my personal relationships as well.”

Ben Jackson

Exercise Physiologist AEP and Dietitian APD, Australia

“Coaching an individual towards health behaviour change is a challenging, but incredibly rewarding process. With the right knowledge and set of skills you can empower people to reach and exceed their health and lifestyle aspirations. ALMA’s Health Coaching course is a fantastic introduction to health coaching – Shivaun’s sessions featured a great balance between health coaching theory and practical skill applications – relevant for our work. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the program.”

Christina Glitsos

Dietitian APD, Australia

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, which were well balanced, tailored to our work and flexible. Shivaun welcomed discussion and questions, and provided many practical examples and applications of health coaching principles. I have found the health coaching techniques very useful and effective in my own practice. Thanks Shivaun.”

Andrea Di Paolo

Dietitian APD and Exercise Physiologist AEP, Adelaide Australia

“I’ve already begun to put the tools/skills into practice since the workshop and I’m finding it very valuable. Thanks Shivaun”

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